I didn’t get a tracking number for my recent order

Check your email. If you have a pending order there and there is not tracking info, then we are still working on making your order. Every order is made by hand, and during times like the holidays, we have more to make and oftentimes not enough hands. Bare with us as we handcraft your order.

If you don't see a pending order in there, get in touch with us! We'll help you out.

How long does an order take to ship?.

US First Class Mail - 1-5 mailing days 

Processing time is 1-3 business days - outside of the holidays. During the holidays, expect a few extra days for the rush of orders.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do, please contact us for a wholesale order form!

Can I get samples?

Most definitely! We do have sample sizes available for certain products. Check out our "Sample" section.

Are all of your products vegan/cruelty-free?


We do not use animal byproducts. We do not test on animals. We make sure our suppliers do not test on animals.

The only animal in our facilities is our Siberian Husky Denver Carly. Follow his Instagram [denvercarly] for pics of him patrolling and being very busy about the warehouse as Chief Director of Morale.

Do you sell in stores near me, or is there a list of retailers?

We currently only sell in local stores located in Tampa, FL, but are expanding quickly!

Can I use the beard shampoo as regular shampoo/how does the beard shampoo work?

Yes, you can use the beard shampoo on your hair!

Do you have a showroom where I can visit and smell the scents/check out the products?

If you are in the Tampa Bay area we currently showcase our products at the Hyde Park Market on the first Sunday of each month as well as the Maven Market in Channelside the second Saturday of the month. Come say hey!

My package says it was delivered but we didn't get it.

Sometimes USPS scans their packages early. It will most likely show up a day or two later. If it doesn’t, please contact USPS ASAP and have them track down the package. They will know where it was delivered, exactly. If that doesn’t locate the package, let us know and we’ll help you out.

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