Out of an instinctive wanderlust, THE SOUTHERN WOLF was founded by an Active Duty Airman transplanted to the South. Like most, he was enamored by country living and our famous hospitality; both of which inspire our product and culture. 

An ancient product, tracing all the way back to an Egyptian origin, we introduce the solid-state cologne. Our naturally derived and plant-based formulas are designed for a natural gentleman without sacrificing any brawn and embracing how men operate. Our revolutionary solid-state cologne redefines masculinity; gone is the spritzing application of perfume. Real men are hands-on; applied directly to pulse points, your own body heat activates the scent throughout the day when you need it most.

Proudly made in the USA. Our solid-state cologne is TSA-friendly and you will never worry about a bottle breaking in your bag again.

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